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Experience : Senior

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In Efecto


Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

In Efecto en bref...

We are a CGI animation studio based in South France for more than ten years. We are also based in the Spanish Island of Tenerife.

We provide TV shows and commercials.
We are creative, meticulous and clever.
We are organized and ME-THO-DI-CAL.
We anticipate and always complete deadlines On Time.
We are CGI animation experts.
We are proud to be our clients' most Trustful partner.


In Efecto and SolidAnim are seeking for roles to work on their brand-new project Tara Duncan, a high quality 52 x 11min full CG TV series. If you want to dive into a “Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars” magical world filled with dragons, giants, sorcerers, spaceships, funny creatures and a gang of adventurous kids, working in the sunny and heavenly Canary Islands, then we want to meet you!

If you love the royal fly of a dragon as much as a fairy flapping wings. If you like epic sequences or magical battles, and if you feel you have this special touch that can make the difference, you’re ready to work on Tara Duncan.

You master Maya? You are rigorous, autonomous and have amazing listening skills? Respecting deadlines is a pieces of cake? You feel super proud of the artistic and technical quality of your work? Creativity and fun are your motto? You want to join a friendly ans smiley team? You speak French or English but want to improve your Spanish in the heavenly Canary Islands?

Then we want to meet you!

And may your magic illuminate !