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Line Producer H/F

Experience : Non précisé

Experience : Non précisé

Focus Home Interactive

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Description du poste

The Line Producer is the person in charge of the project for Focus, and the key people internally. The LP serves as a referent for the other departments : business, marketing and top management.

The LP works closely to the development team and has to create a strong relationship with them, to achieve trust on both sides

In charge of the project for Focus and referent for all Focus departments
  • Supervision of one or several associate line producers, with tasks assignation, follow up, evaluation and mentoring
  • Contact point for the development team
  • Responsible of the respect of the 3 majors axis of the project :
    • Quality
    • Time
    • Budget
    • Make sure Focus process is applied
  • Track and report every KPI related to the projects
  • Coordinate internal and external actors involved in the game development
  • Follow the project progression and the completion of the objectives, and define the next steps and actions based on the current project status
  • Test the game, gather feedback and present it to the development studio
  • Anticipate the possible risks and make the best decisions to maintain the Quality / Time / Budget targeted objectives
  • Communication regularly with the development team and manage the relationship with the studio
  • Organize at key moments meetings between the studio and Focus, or internally (prod, marketing, QA...) to share the vision and the main updates on the project
  • Gather the different needs of the several services, and do what is necessary to fulfill them

Profil du·de la candidat·e

Skills and qualifications :
  • Good knowledge in game design and/or in project management
  • Game development tools knowledge including consoles specificities.
  • Mastery of the production processes from concept to release
  • Experience in another publisher
  • Experience in development studio as producer
  • Providing recommendations in different domains to improve the quality of the games
  • Strong skills in project management to be able to work on different projects at the same time
  • Good interpersonal skills such as diplomacy and leadership are requested as well as fluent English
  • Technical Skill : Pack Office,Google docs

Informations supplémentaires

  • CDI
  • Parc Pont de Flandre « Le Beauvaisis » Bâtiment 28 11 Rue de Cambrai - 75019 Paris - FRANCE
  • Métro Ligne7 et RER E Rosa parks

A fournir

Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
A l'attention de : Recruitment manager